The Harer group is interested in the application of mathematical methods, especially those from topology, geometry and dynamical systems, to data analysis. We have a particular focus on the study of networks and other aspects of complex biological systems.

The research group focuses on these major areas:

  1. Computational topology theory and algorithms for finding structure in data.
  2. All aspects of network dynamics and their applications. Our primary focus is on the relationship between different models, including Boolean, Piecewise-Linear, ODE, and Stochastic. The applications we study are in gene regulatory networks and physical infrastructure networks.
  3. Aspects of plant growth and development, especially plant roots systems. Our efforts focus on both root architecture and root developmental modeling and genomics.

The work in the Harer group is mathematical and computational, but we collaborate with a variety of experimentalists in studying gene regulatory networks, genetic “waves” in development, the biophysics of development, and infrastructure.